India, in Turkey market with digital ceramics

Yapex SkyTouch from India who attended the Building Ceramic Fair, apricot Digital Wall Tiles of products and Alient company breaks new ground in this area. Yapex we talked about the first time joined company officials. NİLGÜN ATA-YAPEX SPECIA


to open the door immediately after the G20 Summit YAPEX Building and Restoration Fair; Participants of the exhibited products, events and Historical Cities was a full-blown Union with the award ceremony. Exhibition of new technologies and has a great wealth in terms of promotion of the products. Especially marble and ceramic stands almost dazzles. We saw the front of the three companies involved in India's stand, we felt the need to touch the ceramic because they have a very different aesthetic and artistic ...

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We recognize the successful work of the partners of the firm Antexpo in the area we visited Fair Fair Yapex Restoration Architect Rabia Alga. SkyTouch Ceramic, apricot Digital Wall Tiles and Alient firms authorities Anil Kagathar to, Mahesh Patel, we have received information about the products in the chat we have made ​​with Pankaj Patel. Came to Antalya from India participated in the first Yapex Fair SkyTouch, property of the products offered by the Apricot and Alient company Using the digital printing methods with new technology ... In this way, both the stone, marble, wood given image, as well as a three-dimensional surface is designed effectively. According Also they were told more durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, the prices are very reasonable ....

The feature of SkyTouch firm product nano that technological .. ... which have antibacterial properties and environmentally friendly product .. does not keep dust and therefore less use of cleaning products.Indicating that positive for the first time they agreed to Yapex Fair and the first impression of company officials; technology and they have a lot of quality, because they think that this area should keep pace with the constantly developing European countries. Therefore, they were focused on Europe. They have chosen to experience the Turkey market and also to recognize Yapex Fair. Patel, indicating that digital printing on ceramics used in the last 7 years; three-dimensional products they designed themselves and stressed that a new product not yet 6 months old. More Gulf states, Dubai, Saudi Arabia saw a lot of that demand, Australia, stated that they exported to Singapore. Targets for which we ask of Turkey Patel;"First we need to see the response and admiration of the people. This is due to return we intend to build a warehouse and showroom in Turkey. Tourist city of Antalya has a significant potential hotel investments .. The easiest way is to enter the market before entering into a trade show. We have the opportunity to meet with many people. Also in any of the hotels in the area of research we've found that these products. '' He said. Technology and new products fair and we know through learning. The best part of this is also fair. Here's the latest in Antalya with excellent products and India

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