Apricot Tiles Technical Specification

Apricot Tiles India Pvt.Ltd.
EURO Standards EN-159/IS 13753 Apricot Value
  Dimention & Surface Quality
Deviation in Thickness+-0.6 MM+-0.2 MM
Straightness of Sides+-0.3%+-0.2%
Surface Flatness+-0.5%+-0.3%
Surface QualityMin 95%Min 96%
  Physical Propertie
Water Absorption> 10%13.5%
Bending Strenght> 150 Kg/Cm2200 - 250 Kg/Cm2
Scratch Hardness(Mohs)Min 3Min 3
Crazing1 CycleNo Crazing at 5 Cycle
  Chemical Properties
Staining ResistanceMin Class 2Resistance to All Acids
Household ChemicalMin Class BAnd Alkalies & Household Chemicals,Except Hydro Flouric Acid
  Thermal Properties
Thermal ShockResistance to 10 CyclesCONFORMS
Thermal ExpansionMax-9E-06CONFORMS